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How to Create Highly Watched Videos on YouTube?

Do you want to increase views of your YouTube Channel?

YouTubers face hard times in getting subscribers or more views on their videos. Are you working really hard but aren’t getting the desired results? Well, you might feel lost and demotivated as well! You have been reading all the techniques and worked hard to achieve almost every tip and technique. The competition has just been increasing. YouTube has approximately 22 billion audiences visiting its platform every month. Over 37 million people have channels on YouTube.

Best Techniques To Increase Views On Your YouTube Videos

Increasing views on your YouTube videos and generating subscribers seems impossible at first. But it’s impossible if it’s done right. Here are the techniques to boost views on YouTube videos.

Explain the motive

YT Engagement Tips

There’s a possibility that you did not explain the objective of your channel clearly to the audience, or your audience has failed to understand the same. Get your motive clear in your mind before you start creating a video. Once you are clear with the motive, you need to explain the same to your audience. Brief your subscribers in short about the topic you will discuss and what they can take away from your video.

Select your niche

You might be very versatile and heterogeneous in your content. This sometimes acts as a disadvantage to your channel. Experiment and make various videos and analyze which video you earn more views on. Once you identify what your audience is interested in, you can start upgrading and creating more videos of the same niche.

YT Engagement Tips

You need not be an expert in that subject, but you can slowly research, learn, and develop your skills to satisfy your viewers and gain more video views. You can even try YouTube shorts to gain good traction and popularity.

Make relevant and valuable videos.

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Do not stop making valuable content once you get views; work constantly and keep improving and upgrading your content frequently. Make relatable content that the audience can connect with.

Ask for suggestions and feedback.

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While you work on your skills, ask your viewers to send suggestions and feedback on your videos. This will help you recognize the expectations of your viewers. Also, be prepared to receive both criticism and appreciation. Work positively and constructively towards the negative feedback.

Concluding thoughts

Do not get discouraged and feel demotivated. While you keep upgrading your skills and work towards maintaining the quality of your content, keep these tips in mind:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What type of YouTube videos get the most views?

Music videos are the most popular niche on the platform. Since everyone likes to listen to and watch music videos, this niche can get the most views.

Q2. How much does YouTube pay for 100k subscribers?

Apparently, the weekly earnings of the creator with 100k subscribers average between $600 to $1000. But you must be consistent with the process, as your irregular videos can lead you to lose subscribers.

Q3. How do I make my YouTube video popular?

To increase your videos’ visibility, the best thing you can do is promote your videos on other social media platforms. You can also put video links to your official website (if you have any). Remember, your one viral video can greatly change your YouTube career. So, be sure to walk through the trends on the platform.

Q4. How hard is it to get 4000 watch hours on YouTube?

Gaining 400 hours could be a challenging task for a beginner. If you even bifurcate the hours, it becomes 20,000 minutes of views each month. So, it could take a year to achieve this goal. You might accomplish this goal sooner if you are loyal to the work and consistently create a unique video.