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How to Get 4,000 Watch Hours on YouTube

How long does it take to get 4000 watch hours on YouTube? How to Get More Hours of Watch Time on YouTube

Are you looking to get 4,000 hours of YouTube time to monetize your channel? YouTube launched the YouTube Partner Program in December 2007. This program allowed creators to share in the ad revenue and gave access to various features. YPP opened endless opportunities for YouTubers by turning their passion into a profession.

According to the YouTube Partner Program eligibility criteria, a YouTube creator will need 4000 hours of YouTube watch time, more than 1,000 subscribers, and have your channel linked to your AdSense account. When your channel hits the criteria, YouTube will send you an email notifying you of your channel’s status.

This blog will help you get 4,000 YouTube watch hours, how to track it, why it is important for a YouTube creator, and how you can get more watch time and views on YouTube.

What does 4000 hours of YouTube watch time mean?

To get 4000 hours of YouTube watch time that can count, you need to turn your video visibility to public. So don’t let your live streams go unlisted, delete your old videos or set them to private. YouTube will only count your watch hours if they are public. You need to aim at gaining 4000 houses within a period of 12 months. This means your videos, however long, need to be watched in the last 52 weeks.

How to track 4000 hours of YouTube watch time?

How to track 4000 hours of YouTube watch time

Now, let’s look at how you can track your YouTube watch hours. First, go to your YouTube Studio account and click on the Monetization option. It will show you your subscriber count and watch time. You can use YouTube Studio to access other additional data as well through the Analytics section.

Here’s our guide to understanding how YouTube Studio works.

Why are 4000 hours of YouTube watch time important?

Why are 4000 hours of YouTube watch time important

While monetizing your YouTube channel should be your goal, you shouldn’t make that your only goal as a creator. For example, don’t start a channel with the sole purpose of getting 4000 hours of YouTube watch time and 1000 subscribers.

Start small and then build towards achieving this goal. First, figure out what you want your channel to represent, then identify your target audience and then go from there. For example, if we convert 4000 hours to minutes, that makes it 240,000 minutes. This target is hard to achieve because YouTube has set a high standard for channels that want to get monetized. So trust your content and audience to take you there.

How to get more watch time & views on YouTube?

How to get more watch time & views on YouTube

Evergreen content

Creating evergreen content is understanding what’s unique and trending on YouTube. Evergreen YouTube content is content that is relevant for an extended period of time. For example, videos like “how to fix a tube light,” “how to change a car’s tire,” etc., will be watched over the years by different people no matter when it was uploaded. People watch such helpful videos repeatedly; this will help you boost your watch time within 12 months.

Here’s a guide on “How To Create Evergreen Content On YouTube,” which will help you increase your watch hours.

Live stream

Youtube live stream is another great way to increase your videos’ watch time. In the beginning, you might get only 20 to 50 users, but with time and patience, you will see an average of 700 to 800 people watching your streams.

Imagine having 500 people watching your 2-hour live stream. That means you’ve got 1000 hours of watch time from one stream. If you continue this journey, you can quickly achieve the 4000 hours of YouTube watch time goal. Now, remember that these numbers are hypothetical but achievable with high-quality content.

Check out our guide on “How to Live Stream on YouTube” to get you started.


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