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YouTube Tags: Why Are They Important ?

What do tags do on YouTube? The Ultimate Guide to Proper YouTube Video Tagging

Have you come across YouTube tags lately? They are an important part of YouTube video optimization. Since YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, search engine optimization plays a huge role in ranking your videos on the result page. One of the top YouTube SEO practices is using keywords to optimize your videos. You can use keywords in your video’s title, description, and, most importantly, tags.

Let’s explore this further. Read till the end to know more about YouTube tags and their importance.

What Are Tags For YouTube?

What are tags for YouTube

YouTube tags are words or phrases used in a video’s description. Since YouTube’s algorithm cannot understand audio and visuals, tags help understand what your video is about. Therefore, the more relevant your tags are to your video, the higher the chance it has to rank on SERP.

Why Are YouTube Tags Important?

The higher your video appears in the search results, the better the chances to buy YouTube views and clicks organically. That’s what YT tags do to your videos! They make your video discoverable and rank higher.

As mentioned above, YouTube tags help boost your ranking by describing your video to the algorithm. This allows YouTube to understand the video’s topic, niche, content, and category, amplifying your video’s reach.

When used strategically, tags can have a lot of advantages. According to YouTube title, description, and thumbnails are important SEO factors. However, experts have indicated that keyword-optimized tags play a vital role in ranking.

Another advantage of YT tags is using misspelled words in them. Users very commonly misspell the target keywords. Of course, you cannot include these in your title and description, but you definitely can in your tags and cover that side of the coin.

Lastly, tags can help you organize your content into categories for you to find easily.

How to use YouTube Tags?

Here’s are a few tips to use YouTube tags successfully to help users find your videos.

Use your target keyword

As they say, the first impression is always important. It’s the same with YouTube, which is why you need to use your target keyword as your first tag. YouTube considers your first few tags when ranking your videos. This guide will help you understand how to do YouTube keyword research.

Add complementary tags

Along with your target keyword, you need to also include other broader keywords. For example, if your video’s title is “How to Create a YouTube Channel,” you can use tags like “YouTube,” “YouTube Videos,” “YouTube Channel,” “Google Account,” “YouTube Channel Ideas,” etc.

Keep your tags short

Next, keep your tags short. While including long-tail keywords, try not to exceed 3 words. Using long sentences as tags will only make it feel like you are going overboard. Also, you would not want to exceed the character limit across tags, which is 400 characters. So, keep your total number of tags between 5 to 8.

Conduct competitor analysis

Suppose you are running out of ideas with the tags to use on your videos; conduct competitor analysis. Look at what your competitors on YouTube are using and get inspired. Then, make a list and research how each tag can help you rank your video higher.

Use YouTube auto-suggest

Last but not least, make YouTube auto-suggest your best friend. YouTube auto-suggest will help you understand what viewers are searching for on YouTube. Look at the relevant suggestions and use them as keywords.

Best YouTube Tag Generators

Tags are keywords that help you rank higher on YouTube, and here are the best YouTube Tag Generators available online. This is a faster and easier way to get your tags without having to rack your brains. Remember that tags help increase your video’s visibility and the chances of getting your video featured. These tools will help you master YouTube keywords and tags.

  1. Rapid Tags
  2. Better Way to Web
  3. Keyword Keg
  4. SEO Book
  5. Keyword Tool
  6. YTube Tool

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there any limit for tags on YouTube?

YouTube allows you to add as many tags as you want, but the total character limit is up to 500 characters. Although, most of the videos have around 5 to 8 tags.

Q2. Do YouTube tags help with views?

Yes, YT tags help you to get more views, and they help the platform to categorize your video and, at the same time, rank them higher in the search results.

Q3. Where do you put tags on YouTube?

You can add tags in the title and description of your video on YT.

Q4. What is the best YouTube tag generator?

Tubebuddy, Keyword Tool, VidIQ, and Tunepocket are some of the best YouTube tag generators.