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YouTube Music Is Introducing It’s New TikTok-like Sample Feature

What sample feature is all about? Know here.

Music streaming services are everywhere, and now even the YT music app is testing out its feature Sample, which has the TikTok and reels-like feeling. The YouTube music sample feature will be located next to the home section showing you short videos of new music. Here’s everything you need to know about the YouTube music sample feature.

YouTube Music Introducing Its New Sample Feature

youtube music sample feature

Since the new YT music sample feature has included short videos, it gives the TikTok-like and reel-like feel. The sample feed is personalized as it gives you a wide range of music of your interests. You can discover new music with just a swipe. You can tap on the play button to listen to the song, watch the video and, in fact, add it to the YouTube music library. Like other platforms, the YouTube music sample feature also allows you to create a video on the soundtrack you like.

Music service platforms are trying to be where people can discover, share and interact with the music they like. TikTok is central to music discovery as songs go viral on TikTok through dance and skits. The songs that go viral on the platform are typically those with the most infectious and memorable sections.

Currently, TikTok plans to roll out the full-fledged TikTok music application so the viewers won’t need to go to other platforms. YT Music is in the same boat as TikTok and established its YT music sample feature, so you as a user don’t need to hassle between the platforms and get everything in one place.

The feature will be available for Android and iOS users. It will stay between the home and explore tabs. Since the YouTube music sample feature is underway, not all users can access the feature. If you don’t see the feature, update the application or wait until the feature is fully established.

What Do People Have To Say About The YouTube Music Sample Feature?

Apparently, users accessing the sample feature have found it pretty user-friendly. Below is the list of the things users liked about the sample tab.

  1. Tap the thumbs-up to save the song to the YouTube music library.
  2. If you like the song, you can play it just by tapping on the play button on the screen at the right-bottom.
  3. There’s also a short option that shows the other YT shorts with sample videos.
  4. Just like other music service platforms, it also provides a sample button. This lets you share the video link to every application you have installed.
  5. Surprisingly it also has the Spotify-originated start radio feature that helps you find a song similar to the one you are listening to.
  6. You can visit the artist, playlist, and album page with a single tap, like Spotify.


Tighten your seat because YouTube isn’t going to stop with this feature. Almost every day, the platform comes up with new feature ideas and changes like 2x speed and YouTube library revamp. Now that you know everything about the YouTube music sample feature, wait until it is completely rolled out to get a new space for watching music videos.