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Finally The YouTube Hum Feature Is Live!

You can hum but cannot recall the song? We got you!

How long have you waited for the YouTube humming feature? The feature was in the testing phase for a long time. Users were desperate to get it on their devices, and we get that why. However, even though the feature has been completely turned out, some users still cannot access it. Why, you may wonder?

Well, let’s find out!

YouTube Now Has The Humming Feature To Use


The YouTube and YT music app’s humming feature was in the testing phase for some months until a few days ago, when it started rolling. This news came from a Reddit user who posted a screenshot of accessing the feature. So, Google has allowed its users to find the music just by humming it, and here’s how the problem is solved for millions who cannot recall the lyrics. But hold on, there’s something unpleasant to know that this feature isn’t available to everyone. When we tried to use the feature, we couldn’t see the feature next to the microphone. So it isn’t there for all yet.

But let us know in the comment section if you can see the feature because, sadly, we cannot. One reason behind this could be that mass deployment hasn’t started. The other is that maybe the YouTube humming feature is getting rolled out in batches, and it will take several days for everyone to have access.

Using YouTube’s hum feature is quite straightforward. Just leap to the app’s search bar, and you will see the hum feature sitting next to the microphone.


It’s possible to not remember every song’s name you listen to. That is where YouTube humming feature comes into the picture. It will help find songs just by humming them on YouTube. Isn’t it amazing? Where you were just could be like, “Oh, the song’s something like humm humm.” Now you can find it in a second. You might be upset about the feature not being available in your country, but it’s worth waiting. Update your YouTube application from time to time to get the feature.