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Apple Ad Tracking: Easiest Way To Prevent Ads On iPhone (Updated)

How do I stop Apple tracking ads? How do you block ad tracking?

Apple has successfully managed to come up with the apple ad tracking! Major social media platforms such as Snapchat Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are seeing an adverse effect because of the adblocking! While Apple did take a step ahead to safeguard their user’s safety, the other companies are seeing a huge loss at one time! So without any delay let’s take a look at the apple ad tracking and get more insight on the following!

What Is Apple Ad Tracking?

Apple ad tracking

The iPhone made a revolutionary launch in April. According to the usage, the system demands apps to ask for permission before they track users for personalized ads!

When the power got in the hands of the users, it was noticed that a large number declined to give permission for the app settings. This resulted in the loss of millions of the top social media companies! The loss count because of ad tracking iPhone was almost around $9.85 billion. The iOS 14 ad tracking is also supported by the same features!

Apple ad tracking

Facebook on the other hand saw a great amount of impending work on their heads. Because of the newly made apple ad tracking, the company had to restart from scratch to make their ATT. According to the management at Facebook, it takes almost more than one year to make a new infrastructure. Frameworks and tools take time to get set ready as before.

How Do I Turn Off Ad Tracking On My iPhone?

When you feel the need to turn off ad tracking iPhone, you just need to follow some of the pretty simple easy steps!

  1. Head over to iPhone settings
  2. Tap on privacy
  3. Select the advertising option
  4. Turn on the toggle for limit ad tracking

And that’s it! You have successfully established a secure connection! Just a reminder, this can work on iOS 14 ad tracking too! When you are done with tracking, you might also have some entertainment for your well-being! Enjoy your time by downloading videos on your iPhone! 


We hope that you found this guide helpful on what is Apple ad tracking! If you are a youtuber who uses an iPhone, you should also know some of the best youtube channel promotion sites to get free views! Be sure to read about them too!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Stop Ad Tracking?

You can disable the ad tracking in the Apple ad tracking!

Should I turn off iPhone tracking?

It is not yet recommended as you may lose your iPhone, so the tracking device comes in handy!

What Happens If You Turn Off Tracking On iPhone?

When you turn off the tracking, you will no more see prompts from the ads that need your location for carrying out the activities!

How Do I Know If Someone Is Tracking My iPhone?

There is no way anyone can know if someone is tracking you by your iPhone.