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Crypto Not Working – Top 5 Ways To Fix It! (Updated 2024)

Is Crypto Wallet not working? Why is my crypto com app not working?

Is the Crypto app not working on your phone? You can buy and sell bitcoin and cryptocurrency at your own convenience. In addition, buying and selling crypto gets easier when you do it on your phone. But imagine crypto is at its peak, and you cannot buy or sell them because the app is not functional! Here are the top 5 ways to help you get rid of the Crypto app not working error.

Top 5 Ways To Fix Crypto App Not Working Error

Update Crypto.com App

cryto.com down for maintenance

The cryto.com app not working on iPhone occurs because you must be using the outdated version of the app. Therefore, you need to go to the AppStore or the playstore to update the latest version of the app. If you are still facing issues you can

Restart Your Phone

cryto.com app not working on iPhone

There must be a problem with your phone. You can kill the app from the recent apps. Or simply switch off your phone and switch it on again. Restarting your phone will get the app working.

Check Device date and time setting

The date and time on your phone must be one of the why the crypto app not working on your phone. So check the time and date on your phone.

Update Your Device

Your device must be having an outdated system. First, check if you have any pending updates. Then connect your phone to the WiFi and update your phone with the latest system available. Maybe this is one of the reasons for the crypto.com app not working.

Clear App cache file from app Settings

App cache in your phone must be causing the crypto.com app not working error. Hence you need need to clear the app cache. Follow these steps to delete cache:

1. Open Settings on your phone

2. Go to apps and open “manage apps”

cryto.com app not working on phone

3. Tap on the Crypto app from the list

4. Select “Clear data” and finally click on “Clear cache.”

crypto -app down for maintenance


If the Crypto app is not working on your phone still, then cryto.com down for maintenance must be one of the reasons you cannot access the app. Also, check if have tried logging in more than three times then it might get locked. All you can do is wait for 3 to 4 hours till it gets unlocked. Learn about the Crypto Currency Influencers In The World in our guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Crypto App legit?

Ans. Yes, Crypto.com is safe, and it also uses industry-standard security measures for United States-based residents.

Q2. What is Crypto App?

Ans. The Crypto app covers all your basic cryptocurrency needs.

Q3. What is the safest cryptocurrency app?

Ans. Crypto and Coinbase are the safest cryptocurrency apps.

Q4. Which crypto app has the lowest fees?

Ans. Coinbase is one of the apps that has the lowest fees.