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Here Is How To Fix For Disney Plus Error Code 39 Instantly

Disney Plus error codes guide How to Fix the Disney Plus Error Code 39?

Hearing about Disney plus error code 39? No need to worry! The code is a management-related sign that most states that streaming service requires a stable connection. And your connection is not able to provide that. There can be many issues, such as your HDMI cable or TV. If the words ring, a bell read the blog to know more ways to fix Disney plus error 39! Even if the bell doesn’t ring, read it anyway.

What Are The Reasons For Disney Plus Error Code 39?

Disney plus

As mentioned before, Disney plus error code 39 on Sony tv may be an offspring of insecure connection. While it is totally possible to fix this problem, but there can be problems when the video you chose to view is not made available by Disney in your region. So basically when you follow the tricks that we are giving you to solve the Disney plus error code, things will run in a smooth manner!

Ways to fix Disney plus error code 39

Disney plus error code 39

Well, we have laid out the buffet of solutions for you. Try them one by one and select the best suitable for you! Also, this buffet is free of cost!

Reload the video to fix Disney plus error code 39 on Sony TV

This is the most common household fix that many people use. Not able to load a video? Reload the same. There is a high probability that your video will reload after following this hack. If you cannot get your way with this for error code 39, read on!

Change your streaming device.

Disney plus error code

The simple answer, change your streaming device. If you are viewing the entertainment on Xbox, move it to smart tv and vice versa. If you see that the video can play without issues on another device, be sure that the primary device is at fault. You can use this troubleshoot Disney plus error!

Shift your HDMI port

Use the streaming device that gave you the error code 39 and switch it to the different HDMI ports on your TV. Simple!

Delete and install the Disney plus app

The good old way of solving any issue. You don’t have to do anything other than uninstalling the app and getting it back on your machine. You can also power off your streaming device, just to be extra sure that your trick will work now.

Why is Disney plus giving me an error message?


Your user data may have gotten corrupted when the servers went down, or an unexpected bug or glitch occurred on Disney Plus. Whichever the case is, you need to log out of your current session and log back in afterward to refresh your data and eliminate any errors


We hope that you will now be able to fix the Disney plus error code 39 without any issues! See you around, folks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques.1 What is error code 38 on Disney Plus?

Just like Disney error 39 is based on security reasons, the error code 38 is based on the system time settings. All you need to do is fix the internal clock on your device and align it to the current universal time. 

Ques.2 How do I clear my cache on Disney Plus?

Here is how to clear the cache on Disney plus

  1. From the home screen, go to Settings.
  2. Tap Apps
  3. Select Disney+
  4. Click on Storage.
  5. Tap both Clear Cache and Clear Data