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Grammy Nominations 2022: Is BTS included? (Revealed)

Who got the most Grammy nominations 2022? Did BTS get nominated for a Grammy?

Grammys are around the corner, and we are sure you are excited for the Grammy nominations 2022! With all the famous artists and their fans gearing up for the possible awards, the atmosphere is energetic! From Taylor Swift to BTS, everyone is hyped up with the upcoming nominations for Grammy 2022! Are you curious whether your favorite singers will be there on the list of Grammy nominations! Read further to find out more!

Here is the list of Grammy nominations 2022!

nominations for Grammy 2022

With grammy 2022 just pulling up, the list of nominees is also ready to view! The party has just begun with famous artists such as Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Drake, lady gaga, and Justin Bieber!

While the famous Korean band BTS managed to score only a single nomination, we will that the Grammys are being a little bit biased!

bts 2022 Grammy nominations

The BTS Grammy nominations was also a trending topic last year too! Army and the band are collectively when BTS’s album dynamite did not receive an award.

According to the fans, nomination for Grammy 2022 were not weighed on an equal basis. Also, stating that the famous award show just used BTS for audience clout, we feel that things are a little suspicious for sure!

What are the Grammy nominations 2022 predictions?

Grammy nominations 2022

Well, fans have always made it a point to speculate the final result. Lil Nas X’s Montero, as well as Olivia’s driver’s license, have the highest possibility of carrying the Grammy back home!  The Weeknd was away from the spotlight from the Grammys

The collab between Doja Cat and SZA is also on the radar for the extremely catching song,” kiss me more.”

You can check out the complete list of Grammy nominations over here!


We hope to have picked up all the spice related to Grammy nominations in 2022! Be sure to check out more on the Grammy’s official site for past year winnings too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Grammy So Important?

Grammy is a prestigious award given by the Recording Academy. It aims to recognize achievement in the music industry of the United States!

How Do You Win A Grammy?

You need to land on the top of the billboard!

What do the Grammys stand for?

Gramaphone awards are the original name for the Grammy’s!