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How Did The Weeknd Get Famous? (Secret of a Successful Artist)

Who helped The Weeknd get famous? When did The Weeknd get discovered?

If you are a fan of Weeknd, you must know the history of how did the weekend get famous. The weekend is a massive name in the music industry and is one of the most popular singers! Be it a collaboration with Ariana or his Star Boy song, the artist has never failed to leave us spellbound! Other than the hardcore fans, there can also be enough possibilities for a newbie in his world! So without any further delay, let’s help you out on how did the weekend get famous!

How Did The Weeknd Get Famous With His Pop Songs?

How did Weeknd get famous

The famous singer The Weeknd is the reason behind those Instagram and TikTok reels! Abel Makkonen Tesfaye is a Canadian singer and songwriter who made a name for himself with the help of starboy, and I feel it coming. Here is how The Weeknd became a successful pop singer!

He Released Music Online By Staying Anonymous

Weeknd Rose To Fame

In 2010, the famous singer decided to upload a few songs under the channel name “Weeknd.” He worked with producer Jemery Rose. The Weeknd net worth also took a flight for $200 million! This collab made Abel head over to the new york times and slowly act as a fame supporter! 

How Much Did Weeknd Make Off Blinding Lights?

While you may think that the chart-topper would have made a lot of fortune, that is not the spice here. The famous singer gave in around $7 million for the gig’s production budget itself! 

How Much Money Did The Weekend Make Off Starboy?

Weeknd earnings from starboy

Weeknd song is always the most sophisticated one out there. While you might notice some repetitive beats, you can’t help but tap your feet to the beautiful composition! Starboy, the famous song which made the singer a superstar, gave him a bouncing revenue of $92 million! Well, now that is what we call a successful musical journey! The Weeknd net worth 2021 Forbes is also made rounds of the internet!

How Did The Weeknd Get A Whole Bunch Of Famous People In His Music Video Reminder?

How much did weeknd earn form reminder

Weeknd reminder cast consisted of Ashley, Drake, Vee, Aaliyah, Travis Scott, French Montana, and many more! The hunt was successful as all the above-stated artists are close friends with the singer. While it is also an excellent point to note that singers often collaborate together!


We hope that you find this guide on how did get The Weeknd get famous! If you are a YouTuber who is also trying their hand to get a big gig, be sure to check about new low-cost microphones too! These mics can be used for singing and gaming like-wise!

Frequently Asked Question

How Did The Weeknd Get Popular?

The Weeknd rose to fame from the Starboy era

When Did The Weeknd Get Big?

Starboy was the main reason behind his major success. Later on, he stood on the pedestal by collaborating with another famous artist such as Ariana grande!