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How to Fix Unable To Play Video Error 5 Instantly (2024)

What does Error 5 Mean on a video? How do I fix unable to play error 5?

If you are using Google slides and end up getting unable to play Video Error 5, you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry; there might be several reasons why you get this error. But in this blog, we will understand how to the fix unable to play video Error 5 immediately.

Top 7 Ways To Fix Unable To Play Video Error 5

Check your internet connection

Your internet connection might be one of the reasons why the Unable to Play Video Error 5 is happening. Therefore, you need to check your internet connection on your router or LAN. After that, you can switch off your router and turn it on.


Clear the browser cache

1. Open Chrome ‘Settings’


2. On the left side click ‘Privacy and security’


3. Click on ‘Clear browsing data’

Use incognito

You can use your try using the platform in the private browser or in the incognito mode.

All you need to do is simply press Ctrl+Shift+N to switch to incognito mode. Also, you can  click on the three dots and select “New Incognito Mode”

Update your browser


Using the older version of the browser that you are using might also be one of the reasons why unable to play video error 5 is occurring. Hence you update your browser.

Disable extensions

Some extensions that you have added to your browser might cause the unable to play video error 5. Hence you need to disable some of your browser extensions. Then you can try playing the video again.


If your video is playing, you need to check the adblockers options to see if you can stop the adblocker from obstructing the videos on YouTube.

Turn off hard acceleration

You need to disable the hardware acceleration from your browser

1. Go to your Chrome “Settings”


2. On the left side click on “Advance”


3. Now, select “System”

4. Enable the “Use hardware acceleration available”

Fix the Video Player

The video player in your device might be at fault, hence try to get it fixed first


Fixing the Unable To Play Video Error 5 is simple, go ahead and fix this Google slides error and add watch videos that are added in the Google Slides.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Drive Error 5?

This type of error occurs when you try to load a video from the cloud-based Google slides.

How do I fix unable to play error 5?

  1. Check your internet connection
  2. Clear the browser cache
  3. Use incognito mode
  4. Update your browser
  5. Disable extensions
  6. Turn off hard acceleration
  7. Fix the Video Player

Why is my video not playing on Google Slides?

The video format might not be compatible. Or you need to check if your device is connected to the internet.

What does Error 5 Mean on a video?

Error 5 might appear because of internet issues.