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What To Watch On YouTube- Top Dramas And Movies for this year

What are some good free movies on YouTube ? What are the dramas ?

Are you confused about what to watch on YouTube because of the numerous options present in front of you? We are sailing on the same boat. It is usually a little bit frenetic to decide on a particular movie or drama when they inclusively catch your eyes, all at once. Even if you have just hopped onto the YouTube platform or are a veteran surfing the social platform site, we have the best bunch of entertainment that will undoubtedly erode your question about what to watch on YouTube once and for all. Accompany us as we present you the unrivaled jollies for today.

What To Watch Movie On YouTube For Free?


As we mentioned before, YouTube offers a gazillion of shows that you can enjoy sitting at home. The category includes the following:-

  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Medical
  • Action

What to Watch On YouTube When Bored?

Drama adds fuel to your daily life, and who does not love them? It can act as a great source of entertainment which can entertain you and your family in a jiffy. We will share some list toppers that will help you throw your worries off the cliff.

Are you still wondering about what to watch on YT when bored? Give these dramas a try. 

A sweet motivating family drama for your Sunday

Based on a family that struggles to get used to the new environment of Germany from shanghai, it is for anyone who has gone through a hard time adjusting to the new people in their surroundings. A  different sun is an excellent watch if you need any motivation to feel your emotions were valid. Released in 2017 with an IMDb rating of 6.8/10, we will rank it in the must-watch category of dramas.


Action movies to get your adrenaline rushing

if you love those high kicks and are a great fan of guns and boxes, then you have landed on the right page, just in time. Popular films such as the gods, American assassin, the wave, and unlocked are some of the most sought-after films.


Medical dramas for the future doctors

let us accept it; we all watch medical dramas even if we don’t understand a single thing about medicines. The excitement that comes with understanding the human anatomy is prodigious. And for the mere amusement, we don’t even remember the whole thing about later on.

Even though our choice of medical dramas and movies would benefit the medical students, there is no fault in learning how to give CPR to a dying person. Boston med is the top contender for showing reality with a bit of a twist of humor. If you are trying to give a chance to another full drama, the good doctor would be the best choice.

What To Watch On YouTube Tv?


Just in case you haven’t heard about YouTube tv, we will give you a quick go-through. Youtube tv is live tv streaming that includes live from 85+ channels and regional sports channels. They also offer a large number of top channels such as CBS, FOX, ABS. It is owned by YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, which is the subsidiary of Alphabet inc. If you want to learn more about alphabet inc, be sure to check how to invest in YouTube stock.


Some of the premium channels that are also provided by this broadcaster are provided below.

  • acorn
  • Cinemax
  • EPIX
  • HBO Max
  • NBA League Pass

If you wonder what all regional sports channels are available on YouTube tv, we have a quick fix for that.


  • LA FC sports network
  • NBC Sports bay area
  • NBC Sports Boston
  • sports net NY
  • Seattle sounders sports networks
  • Orlando city sc sports network.
  • NBC Sports calaofornia
  • NBC Sports Chicago

What Do People Like To Watch On YouTube?

The social platform consists of many varieties of short videos and shoes that can quickly shoo away your boredom. be it an anime or DIY video, YouTube has it all, and that is also for free. If you are a music lover and love spending your time relishing the music of your choice, you won’t be disappointed a bit.

Some of the top music videos that have held their position in people’s hearts are A Thousand Years, Someone You Loved, Here Is Your Paradise, Missing You Now, and When I See Your Smile.

The Anime Section


Animes are the most hyped-up source of entertainment, and if you are a web, you must have racked up the internet to find an excellent site to peacefully enjoy your time. we have curated the best list of animes that are available on YouTube

  • One punch man
  • Naruto
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Jujutsu kaisen
  • Samurai Champloo

Beauty Bloggers Are Making A Statement With Their Excellent Makeup Skills


You can gain a lot of knowledge on how to look your best with enhanced makeup expertise. The top beauty gurus are

  • Christian Dominique
  • Alpha m for styling tips
  • Mia sayoko

Gaming channels

You can quickly access the gaming world’s trips and tricks by understanding gamers’ gameplay exploring new gaming categories. It is your time to shine now!


We hope that we solved your queries regarding what to watch on YouTube.  Be sure to check out our other blogs too, you will be surprised with the secret recipes that we have curated just for you! See you soon!

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