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What Are YouTube Tv New Features? Updated list 2023

What is new with YouTube TV? What are the features of YouTube TV?

We are sure you must have heard about the new YouTube tv new features that have rolled out recently in the past months. YouTube is a vast platform that has carried its influence make YouTube tv. YouTube tv is the best option if you want to cut your cords and are unsure where to start. We will give you some top-tier YouTube tv new features that will for sure make you keep your other options in the back seat. Let’s take a look without burning the daylight.

What All Is Included In YouTube Tv New Features?

  • The YouTube Tv 4K Plus

This feature rolled out in the year 2021 and was made available in June. This feature enables you to watch some of your favorite content in the highest definition quality. This content is mostly shows and series that are highly in demand. The list of on-demand shows are:-

  • Struggle meals
  • America titans
  • Snowfall

YouTube -tv-channels

  • Voice Control For Sunday- Sloths.

YouTube is always two steps ahead in making its customers relax in their comfort zone after a long day at work.  This feature can be easily accessed if you have a google home speaker and use Chromecast to watch YouTube tv.

You can easily handle the voice commands and sit around bossing the YouTube tv for a whole day. In case you wonder how to set this feature up, we have your back. Follow these steps:-

  1.  Step up the Chromecast
  2. Make sure that your Google Home is also in sync with your set-up process
  3. Link the Chromecast with the help of the google home app. Or any app that has home sound access.
  4. That’s is it! Sit on your couch and throw voice commands like confetti!
  • Dark Mode For The Vampires.


We always have had a thing of being curious when it comes to talking about vampires. If there is a real vampire, reading this article is for you. YouTube tv has got its hands on the dark mode for all the people who can’t seem to handle the screen’s brightness or the light. For humans, this feature helps to reduce eye strain.

  • Watch-Marked.


The option where you can easily mark the watched series and shows helps you manage time a little more swiftly. We told you, YouTube always thinks about their customers.  Do you think this was the far best YouTube tv new features that have been added on?

The Jump YouTube TV Feature Takes You Two-Step Ahead.

We don’t know how to thank YouTube for adding this feature to their list. Now you can easily skip the death of your favorite character and act like it didn’t happen.

What Are YouTube New Features Samsung Tv?


Samsung tv is never a step behind to make their customers just like YouTube.  Did you know that YouTube channels can be easily accessed by the smart hub? The process of connectivity is pretty simple too!

On the Samsung tv, the grand television is packed with voice commands. Now you can easily watch YouTube tv or YouTube without lifting a finger. ( Conditions applied)

Games- YouTube

Streaming YouTube from mobile to tv has never been this easy!  Pick up your phone, search for a video on YouTube that you want to watch on the big screen, and share it with the tv with just a single tap! A talk of secret, your tv will keep streaming the video even when you feel like swiping left on your Tinder profile.

Apart from the YouTube tv adding new features to DVR, dark mode & more, we think Samsung is also doing a pretty recommendable job here.

What Is YouTube New Forward Feature Samsung Tv?

YouTube tv has come up with a feature that can help you fast forward through ads and take the pain away from watching them.

All of these new features of YouTube, along with Samsung tv, have made our work easier. Don’t you think so?

What Can You Get With The 4K Plus Package?


In the new features of YouTube, 4k plus has managed to catch the eyes of people. The plus points are noted below:-

  • 4k viewing on selected content
  • Unlimited concurrent streams
  • Ability to view DVR recordings offline for the available content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Fast Forward On YouTube Tv?


As discussed, YouTube TV has features that allow you to fast-forward the ads by pausing a live Broadcast. This helps to make a delay, and you can use that time to work your way through commercials.

Does YouTube Tv Get 4K

YouTube tv has started offering the 4k streaming service for the selected and on-demand entertainment.

Will YouTube Tv Have NFL Games In 4k?


YouTube tv does stream NFL games in 4k. The only catch is you will have to empty your pockets a little more to spend $20 per month to watch the game in 4K

What Is New With YouTube Tv?

Recently been in the news with the offerings of sports plus package, including significant sports attractions such as NFL RedZone and Fox soccer plus.

Is YouTube Tv 1080p Or 4k?


To our knowledge, YouTube does provide 4k service with the help of the newly launched 4K plus add-on for $19.99 a month.

Is YouTube 4k Worth Getting?

To be totally honest, if the budget gets out of hand, it is not worth investing in. But yes, if you can afford this, there is no doubt that it is a great buy!

A Financial Tip

Never invest in what you feel is the want of the moment if your budget is tight.



We really hope we made you a clean pave the way for you on YouTube tv new features. It’s now your call to make an investment in this or not. Also, be sure to get a hold on how you can get YouTube tv on Samsung smart tv. See you again!